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One last #indyref thing before I pretend none of it ever happened.

I’m not disappointed that Scotland won’t be an independent country. We’re already a country, we’re also part of another bigger country, that’s all fine.

I am disappointed that I’ll probably now spend the rest of my life with nuclear weapons stored less than 50 miles away, and driven through my city in the middle of the night.

I am disappointed that everything we try to do to improve things in Scotland, will depend on how much money or control Westminster allows us have.

I am disappointed that the banks, the supermarkets and the stock market remain as the driving forces for decision making.

I am worried about the next big debate for the UK - in or out of the EU.

But that’s how it is, no arguing with the turnout and the result. I’ve hardly ever backed a winner in an election so not surprised to be on the losing side. (Not to mention I’ve had lifetime as a Scotland and Falkirk supporter to get used to losing).

So - what’s next?

19th September 1:17 PM

Properly gutted about the result of the referendum, so so sad. Did not know I cared this much at all. Guess all there is to do now is hope that we don’t get screwed over by Westminster (small hope), and get on with it, but god I wish it’d gone the other way

On the plus side, get to see Scott today and we’re gonna have a cute wee night in eating ice cream and being sad

ALSO proud to live in Glasgow (admittedly only been here for a week but w/e clearly I belong here)

19th September 1:12 PM

I need more sleep and less socialising, this is exhausting.

18th September 2:25 PM

I feel like crap and I don’t know why, la la la laaa

18th September 2:22 PM

God, I miss him. Far far too much.

18th September 12:41 PM

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17th September 6:23 PM
16th September 12:37 PM


is this the international attitude towards the Scottish independence referendum..? Haha! 

16th September 12:33 PM

My ears are ringing and I’m shattered but I am full of pizza, in an incredibly comfy bed, and had a fantastic night, so I’d say overall life’s pretty darn good

Also Hodor is fab

16th September 3:44 AM

Last night was so so good, think I’m still drunk

15th September 9:32 AM